Scott Cooper
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Welcome to the home page for Scott Cooper. For news and updates please visit my blog.

I am an artist and art instructor working in and around Mississauga, Ontario. I currently teach drawing and painting fundamentals to adults and children at Visual Art Mississauga and the Neilson Park Creative Centre in Etobicoke. Please check their websites for information about classes and schedules.

I have been creating images for as long as I can remember. The act of drawing seems to be as natural to me as breathing; I cannot imagine life without making pictures. Whether it is in a drawing of the human form, a painting of the Canadian wilderness or a rendering of a rusting lake freighter in Toronto harbour, there is inspiration and beauty to be found everywhere.

Art is an act of communication, a need to share one's response to the world around us and to the world within us. Some artists speak with words, in literature, drama and poetry; some use dance, others use music; I use imagery. I have a compulsion to share my awe and fascination of the world around us through paint and ink on paper, board and canvas.

My preference is to work on a modest scale, to invite the viewer to come close and examine the shapes, colours and textures of the world around us in an intimate fashion. I hope to open the eyes of the viewer to a world of richness and diversity, to encourage the viewer to stop, and look, to experience the world with renewed wonder.

I graduated from the Ontario College of Art (now OCAD University) in 1978. Although my primary area of interest was illustration, I spent a great deal of time in the Fine Arts department. I still regret that there was not a comics and cartooning course available at that time.

I have over twenty years experience as a freelance and studio illustrator and designer, working in advertising and communications, animation and education. My drawings and paintings of the figure and urban landscapes have appeared in many group and juried shows.

At the urging of several colleagues I began teaching early in the new millennium, and discovered I enjoyed it. I have taught cartooning, drawing and life drawing at the Mississauga Valley School of Art, Barry Coombs’ Studio and the Art Gallery of Ontario School. I currently teach fundamentals of drawing and painting to adults and children at Visual Arts Mississauga and the Neilson Park Creative Centre in Etobicoke.